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Message of Ambassador Youssof Ghafoorzai on the Occasion of Nowruz – Afghanistan Embassy – Oslo

Message of Ambassador Youssof Ghafoorzai on the Occasion of Nowruz

On behalf of my colleagues at the Embassy of Afghanistan in Oslo, I convey warmest congratulations and best wishes on the occasion of Nowruz.

Nowruz is a time for reflection, on the past year, and a look to the future, with new hope, optimism and a commitment to see the advancement of values that are important to all of humanity: solidarity, reconciliation, co-existence and peace and prosperity. Thus, the essence of Nowruz is not confined to any particular region, culture or religion. It is global, spanning and transcending all borders, nationalities and cultures.

Unfortunately, this year Nowruz comes at a time in which our fellow compatriots are facing enormous difficulties, which has brought about great concern and anguish for the people of Afghanistan, in the country and abroad. Political instability, grave human rights violations, a devastating economic and humanitarian situation and insecurity, in various aspects, are a dark reality in present-day Afghanistan.

Despite the difficult situation, the people of Afghanistan still stand strong and committed to defending their national values and national identity, in which Nowruz is also embedded. In Afghanistan and abroad, all Afghans, from all segments of society are working to help see their country back on the path of stability, democracy and prosperity.

Therefore, this year’s Nowruz can also be seen as a tribute and homage to the courage and resilience of the people of Afghanistan as they now face another major challenge in the country’s modern history.

Throughout history, national unity among all Afghans has always enabled Afghanistan to overcome the most difficult of challenges. In the current situation, the same unity will prevail to overcome the current situation facing the country. Moreover, we call on the international community to remain in full solidarity and support with the people of Afghanistan at this difficult point in time.

In the same vein, we stand hopeful that the new beginning that’s marked by Nowruz will also see an end to the misfortune and difficulties facing all peoples around the world, in conflict and non-conflict situations. A collective defence of universal values enshrined in the UN Charter should remain an imperative to achieve a just, stable, peaceful and harmonious world for all. The people of Afghanistan have always defended and sacrificed for these values and their commitment today remains resolute.

Once again, we extend our best wishes to all around the world on this special occasion. May the New Year bring with it – peace, joy and harmony for all.


Nowruz Mubarak!