Amb. Ghafoorzai Met with Norwegian Special Representative for Afghanistan, Per Albert Ilsaas

On July 12th, Ambassador Ghafoorzai met with Norwegian Special Representative for Afghanistan, Per Albert Ilsaas. The two sides discussed the security situation in the country, escalation of violence and terrorist attacks in particular, the exacerbated human rights situation as a result of the increased violence, and the urgent humanitarian needs of the people.

They also discussed the Afghan peace process, the new phase of partnership between Afghanistan and Norway and the broader international community following the withdrawal of international forces from Afghanistan, and strengthening of the regional and international consensus on dignified and lasting peace in Afghanistan, including through the UN Security Council in which Norway is serving as joint co-penholder on the Afghanistan file together with Estonia.

The Ambassador welcomed Norway’s continued commitments to Afghanistan as pledged at the recent NATO Summit meeting, including Norway’s decision to continue the operation of the field hospital at Kabul International Airport and readiness to continue financial and training support to the Afghan National Defense Security Forces among other areas of cooperation in the areas of development, governance, rule of law, economic cooperation and women’s empowerment.

Ambassador Ghafoorzai and Special Representative Ilsaas also spoke about the important role of Norway and other international partners in the Afghan peace process. Special Representative Ilsaas reaffirmed Norway’s continued engagement and partnership with Afghanistan in the way forward.