Statement of the Diplomatic Missions of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan On the Up-coming 17th Extraordinary Meeting of the OIC

17 December 2021,

As one of the founding members of the Organization of Islamic Conference (OIC), the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan highlights the following the points in relation to the expectations of the people of Afghanistan from the upcoming Extraordinary Meeting of the OIC on Afghanistan to help prevent a humanitarian catastrophe, achieve a lasting peace and stability and a legitimate and broad-based government in the country:

The I.R. of Afghanistan expresses its gratitude to the OIC for its support and solidarity with the people of Afghanistan. In this regard, the I.R. of Afghanistan is grateful for the international community’s humanitarian support, including those recently provided by Islamic countries.

However, in order to prevent the further exacerbation of the humanitarian catastrophe in the country, the I.R. of Afghanistan underscores the need for an increase in the scope and efficiency of assistance and enhanced coordination between donor countries and humanitarian aid agencies.

The I.R. of Afghanistan reaffirms that the only way to secure a lasting solution to the conflict and to achieve a lasting peace and stability in Afghanistan and the region is through the formation of a broad-based government based on the will of the people, Islamic values, human rights, including the rights of women, social justice and ensuring that Afghanistan’s territory will not be used for terrorism and proxy wars.

In this regard, the I.R. of Afghanistan considers the resumption of intra-Afghan negotiations, based on the provisions of Doha Agreement for Bringing Peace to Afghanistan and UN Security Council resolution 2513 as the only viable approach to the formation of broad-based and legitimate government. Only such an administration, that is based on the true tenets of Islam, and contrary to what currently exists in the country, will be able to enjoy national and international legitimacy and effectively address the many pressing challenges in the country.

While expressing its gratitude to the United Nations – of which Islamic countries are important members – for its recent decision regarding continued representation of the I.R. of Afghanistan at the world body, the I.R. of Afghanistan expects of the OIC to take a similar stance regarding Afghanistan’s representation in our distinguished forum.